Overview of User Interface Features

ACUCOBOL-GT® is part of the extend® family of Micro Focus solutions.

In addition to the standard display handling included in ANSI-85 COBOL, ACUCOBOL-GT offers a comprehensive set of extensions for programming and managing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). With these extensions, an ACUCOBOL-GT developer can add a full-featured, native GUI to an existing program entirely in COBOL. The purpose of these extensions is to:

ACUCOBOL-GT supports the emulation of graphical controls and windows on character-based systems. This emulation allows you to more easily write a single program that will run on both character and graphical systems. ACUCOBOL-GT supports the emulation of floating windows and the following control types: label, entry field, push button, radio button, frame, check box, list box (including infinite capacity list box), and combo box.

You can also use ACUCOBOL-GT's traditional text-oriented mechanisms for creating your user interface, such as the textual forms of the ACCEPT and DISPLAY verbs, and Format 1 of the Screen Section. In addition, you can use the Screen Section extensions to define and process both character-based and graphical user interface screens.

References to Windows in this manual denote any of the supported Windows platforms, which are listed in the Product Availability section on the Micro Focus SupportLine Web site: https://supportline.microfocus.com/prodavail.aspx. Where it is necessary to make a distinction, the specific version name/number is specified. .

Generally, ACUCOBOL-GT GUI supports include:

Specifically, ACUCOBOL-GT's GUI programming supports include:

Note: Items marked with an "*" are not supported in text-mode environments

ACUCOBOL-GT run-time supports include: