Menu Input

Menu selections are handled by the ACCEPT statement. Generally speaking, a menu selection acts much like a function key. Each menu item causes an ACCEPT statement to terminate, returning an exception value equal to the item's ID.

For example, suppose the menu has this definition:

menu main-menu
   "&File",                        0,    submenu
        "&New",                    101
        "&Open",                   102
        "&Save",                   103
        "Save &As...",             104
        "E&xit",                   105
   "&Options",                     0,    submenu
        "&Save Settings on Exit",  201,  checked
        "&Password Protect",       202,  checked
        "&Confirm Deletions",      203

If the user selected the New menu item, any executing ACCEPT statement would terminate with an exception status of 101.

Note: Only ACCEPT statements that allow exception keys will terminate with a menu selection. If the ACCEPT statement does not allow exceptions, any menu selections will be ignored.