Mouse Properties

This section describes how to activate and use a mouse with your COBOL applications.

ACUCOBOL-GT offers mouse support for both character-based and graphical environments. (Currently, Windows environments are supported. Limited mouse support is provided for X terminals if you are using a curses-compatible mouse. Support for character-based UNIX terminals with ANSI mouse support is also available, but limited. Support for other host systems may be added in the future, when their support software becomes available.)

For many applications, ACUCOBOL-GT can provide automatic mouse handling that simplifies the amount of programming you must do to use the mouse effectively.

This section describes which mouse features are automatic when you run your program with the ACUCOBOL-GT run-time system. It also explains how to add other mouse controls — in your COBOL program and your COBOL configuration file — if you want them.

Note: In character-based environments, the mouse pointer is invisible by default. To make use of the mouse, you'll need to enable it, as described in W$MOUSE. Under graphical environments, such as Windows, the mouse is always enabled.

A mouse is a device that allows the user to position a pointer on the screen. A mouse has the following properties: