Special Properties


This property identifies a particular bitmap image to use as the push button. If you explicitly name this property when creating a control, the BITMAP style is automatically applied by the compiler. Note that this does not occur if you use the PROPERTY phrase to specify this property by giving its identifying number. See Bitmap Buttons for more information.


This property identifies the bitmap image strip to use with the push button.


This property modifies the way that a push button communicates to your program when it has been pushed. Normally, a push button will generate a CMD-CLICKED event. If you provide a non-zero TERMINATION-VALUE, the push button will generate a termination condition with the specified value instead. This makes the push button act like a keyboard termination key. Most existing COBOL programs are already coded to handle termination keys, so this is easier for the COBOL program to work with.
Note: If you assign the DEFAULT-BUTTON style and a TERMINATION-VALUE property of 13, then the effects of typing the Return key may seem rather odd. The DEFAULT-BUTTON style converts the Return key's termination event into a button pushed event. The TERMINATION-VALUE property then changes the button pushed event into a termination event with a value of 13. The net effect is the same as if neither the style nor property had been used. The reason for this lengthy route is to ensure that the button and Return key are handled identically, and to provide options for programming push button handling, such as the setting of TERMINATION-VALUE.


This property works in a fashion that is identical to the TERMINATION-VALUE property, except that it converts button pushed events into exception events (instead of termination events). If a button has both a TERMINATION-VALUE and an EXCEPTION-VALUE specified, the EXCEPTION-VALUE takes precedence.