Internet Explorer versions 5.5 and later give you precise control over the layout and contents of pages printed, print jobs, and the print preview user interface. This is accomplished using an HTML script file that you create called a Custom Print Template. Use the CUSTOM-PRINT-TEMPLATE property of ACUCOBOL-GT's Web browser control to specify the name of your template file.

You may specify an absolute or relative path to the template file. Relative path names are relative to the current working directory. Under thin client, the path refers to a file on the server. The client downloads the file to its local cache directory and gives it a temporary name. If the file already exists in the cache directory, the client downloads a new copy only if the file on the server is a different size or has a later modification date than the file on the client.

You must set CUSTOM-PRINT-TEMPLATE before each print or print preview operation. Its value is cleared after the print or print preview operation completes.

See the Microsoft Developer Network for complete documentation of the format and use of custom print templates.