CMD-GOTO (value 3)

Indicates that the user wants to activate the control that generated the event. This happens when the user clicks on an inactive control with the mouse or types the control's key letter. The application should perform a normal ACCEPT of that control in response. (Failing to ACCEPT a control in response to a CMD-GOTO event for that control is generally not good programming practice, because it prevents the control from behaving normally.) The EVENT-DATA-1 and EVENT-DATA-2 values are not used. Note that the event is not generated if you are ACCEPTing a Screen Section item and the user selects different controls in that screen. The Screen Section handler automatically performs the necessary activation.

The CMD-GOTO event is handled specially in the Screen Section with regard to embedded procedures. This event causes a control's AFTER procedure to execute, instead of its EXCEPTION procedure. We assume that moving between fields with the mouse is a normal event and that field validation and clean-up (normally located in AFTER procedures) should be executed.