MSG-PAGED-NEXT (value 16419)

This event occurs for grids with the PAGED style. It indicates that the user has clicked on the Next Record button. The expected response from the run-time system is to supply the next record after the end of the grid's current data. To do this, add a new record at the end of the grid (using RECORD-TO-ADD). If the data is from an indexed file, the value of EVENT-DATA-2 is the number of READ NEXTs you need to perform to get to the appropriate record. This value is controlled by the property FILE-POS. (For details on how this works, see the discussion on the FILE-POS property.) If you cannot supply the next record (because you have reached the end of the file), respond by setting EVENT-ACTION to EVENT-ACTION-FAIL. When you do this, you receive no more MSG-PAGED-NEXT events.