MSG-PAGED-PREV (value 16420)

This event occurs for grids with the PAGED style. It indicates that the user has clicked the Previous Record button. The expected response from the run-time system is to supply the record before the first record of the grid's current data. To do this, add a new record at the start of the grid (using RECORD-TO-ADD to add the record and INSERTION-INDEX to position the record before the first row of data, and making sure that the record is not inserted before any column headings in the grid). If the data is from an indexed file, the value in EVENT-DATA-2 is the number of READ PREVIOUS statements you need to perform to get to the appropriate record. This value is controlled by the property FILE-POS. If you cannot supply the record (because you have reached the beginning of the file), respond by setting EVENT-ACTION to EVENT-ACTION-FAIL. When you do this, you will receive no more MSG-PAGED-PREV events.