MSG-VALIDATE (value 16391)

This event occurs immediately after the run-time system performs intrinsic validation of a field at data entry (for example, the REQUIRED phrase). Specifically, an MSG-VALIDATE event is generated whenever an activatable control terminates and the termination is not the result of:

  1. An event, except for CMD-GOTO, or CMD-TABCHANGED
  2. A message, except status 95
  3. An exception, except for those that also cause movement between fields in a Screen Section

When the above conditions are met, it is a good point in the program to perform other validation of a control's data.

If the EVENT-ACTION element is set to EVENT-ACTION-CONTINUE (value 2), the control remains active so the user can correct any errors. Note that MSG-VALIDATE is not generated for controls with the SELF-ACT style, nor is it sent when the run-time system does not normally perform validation (for example, in response to a function key). This message is generated for any control that is activated, even if it does not have a value. Because of the dynamic nature of graphical screens, a user can exit a screen without all the fields being validated; therefore, validation should also be performed after completion of data entry.