DRAG-COLOR (numeric)

Sets the highlight color that's applied to the rectangular area defined when the user clicks and drags the mouse. A DRAG-COLOR value greater than zero defines a color to be applied using the COLOR phrase values.

DRAG-COLOR is used for the same purpose as REGION-COLOR. You should use DRAG-COLOR instead of REGION-COLOR when you want to allow users to highlight a block of cells by clicking and dragging the mouse (REGION-COLOR has poor performance in applications that run with the ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client).

DRAG-COLOR is applied when the user begins a click-and-drag operation.

DRAG-COLOR is removed when one of the following actions occur:

The DRAG-COLOR is hidden when the grid does not have focus.

If DRAG-COLOR is specified for a grid that has a menu defined for it, the right-click of the mouse inside the drag region brings up the menu. This allows the user to select a menu item intended specifically for a marked region of the grid. The run-time system determines whether or not a grid has a menu immediately after the event MSG-GRID-RBUTTON-DOWN completes. DRAG-COLOR has a color priority above REGION-COLOR but below CURSOR-COLOR.