Deletes an entire record from the grid. The value of this property is the record number to delete. To enable a user to choose a specific record to delete, identify the specified record by using the CURSOR-X and CURSOR-Y grid properties.

For example, you could create a push button labeled Delete that when pressed deletes the record in which the cursor resides. You do this by defining and coding an event paragraph for the delete push button similar to this:

    INQUIRE grid-1, cursor-x IN grid-x, cursor-y IN grid-y.
    MODIFY grid-1, RECORD-TO-DELETE grid-y.

In this example, regardless of the column (cursor-x) that the cursor is in, the row specified by cursor-y will be deleted.

Deleting a record affects not only data, but also ROW-COLOR, ROW-FONT, CELL-COLOR, and CELL-FONT. If any of these are specified for records following the one deleted, they are moved up one record. This causes them to follow their current data. So, for example, if record 5 has a ROW-COLOR specified for it, and you delete record 3, the ROW-COLOR will now apply to record 4.