SEPARATION (numeric)

This special property establishes a blank region at the end of each column. This has the effect of creating a uniform separation space between each column and prevents data from visually running together. When data is too large to fit in the allocated space, the data is truncated to the column width minus the separation space.

Like DATA-COLUMNS, each time you assign a value to this property, you set the separation amount for a new column. The separation is expressed in tenths of characters. For example, to establish a half-character separation, use a value of 5. On character-based systems, the separation is rounded down to the nearest whole character. The blank region specified appears at the end of the column. Data is never displayed in the separation region, it is truncated if need be. Also, the separation region defines the edge from which right and center justification are computed. To reset the separation list for a box, assign the value -1. Unspecified columns use a default separation value. This value is set by the configuration variable COLUMN-SEPARATION.