ActiveX Debugging

If you encounter problems when trying to run a program that contains ActiveX or COM objects, you should first try to determine whether the failure is related to the object or to the COBOL program. Try to run the ActiveX or COM object in another ActiveX container program to see if it works there. For instance, try to run it using the AcuBench Screen Designer. If you have Visual Basic on your machine, you can try to run the ActiveX or COM object in Visual Basic, or you can simply insert it on a Web page and try to run it in a browser. In addition, you can try to run the ActiveX or COM object on a different machine using ACUCOBOL-GT. If it works in other ActiveX containers or on other machines, then you have isolated the problem to your local environment or program. Check the COBOL syntax surrounding the control.

If necessary, you can use the screen trace option in the debugger to get more information about an error and to help debug your program. To enable the screen trace feature, type "ts" at the debugger command prompt. See Screen Tracing for more information on using this option.