Loading Shared Libraries with the "-y" Runtime Option

You can use the "-y" runtime command-line option to specify the name of a shared object library to load when the runtime starts. When the program calls a routine in the library, the runtime applies its standard logic to resolve the CALL. For more information, see Calling Subprograms.

For example, to call any function exported by "mylibc.so", start the runtime with the following command:

runcbl -y mylibc.so mycobol

You must specify a new "-y" for each shared library. The default filename extension for shared libraries is ".so". You can change the default by specifying another extension in the SHARED_LIBRARY_EXTENSION configuration variable. See SHARED_LIBRARY_EXTENSION for more information.

You can use the SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX configuration variable to specify a list of directories to search when the runtime attempts to load a shared library. The values are applied if the shared library is specified without path information and the runtime fails to find the object in the default directories. For more information, see the SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX.