Limits and Restrictions

Starting with version 9, ACUCOBOL-GT programs can now retrieve .NET objects or pass .Net objects as parameters. These .Net objects can also be acted upon using the MODIFY and INQUIRE statements. However, MODIFY and INQUIRE is not supported if a .Net object has an Event and the Event (or Events) are stored_object.

If using the AcuToNet.dll method of .NET support, the .NET interface cannot be used to instantiate .NET executables. The CREATE and DISPLAY statements associated with this interface support only .NET DLLs and controls. However, you can make a call to the C$SYSTEM library routine to spawn a .NET executable. This routine is described in C$SYSTEM.

ACUCOBOL-GT supports methods that have integer, unsigned integer, byte, string, float single, and double precision data types, all known as blittable data types in the .NET world. Blittable data types are those that have a common representation in both managed (MSIL) and unmanaged (COBOL) code. Non-blittable types are ambiguous and not supported.

A special case generates a runtime error of "CoCreate Instance failed". See CoCreate Instance Failed Error for details on the case and how to overcome the error.