.NET Control Distribution and Licensing

If you want to include a .NET assembly in your COBOL application, you must first acquire it and install it on the development machine. In some cases, a partner may provide the control. In others, you may download it off the Internet and license it for distribution.

Unlike ActiveX, .NET does not have a specific parameter for licensing but does have a class that performs this function. .NET uses a design-time licensing model that is verified again at run time, usually in the CONSTRUCTOR phase. Because ACUCOBOL-GT supports constructors, it also supports custom run-time licensing that requires parameters.

If you encounter an ActiveX control that was converted to .NET using Microsoft's "Aximp.exe" utility and you experience licensing conflicts and violations, use the ActiveX version of the control instead of the converted .NET version.

To use ActiveX controls with ACUCOBOL-GT, use the AXDEFGEN utility rather than NETDEFGEN.