Support for IBM Shared Libraries

For UNIX and similar systems, the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime supports the shared libraries provided by IBM WebSphere MQ. Your programs running on UNIX can call platform-specific shared libraries to load them, and then call the necessary WebSphere MQ routines. You should not need to relink the runtime with the libraries in order to call the routines.

If you are in a UNIX environment, after installation of the client, identify the location of the shared libraries that contain the call routines. Confirm that the path matches the path you provided in the shared library environment variable. If the paths don't match, modify the variable as required.

On Linux, "" and "" are the shared libraries that IBM provides containing WebSphere MQ routines.

Windows-based ACUCOBOL-GT programs do not need to load the DLL file, "mqic32.dll", provided by IBM for accessing the routines.