Support for WebSphere MQ COPY Files

Both the Windows and UNIX runtimes use the set of COBOL COPY files that IBM provides with WebSphere MQ. These COPY files contain constant definitions and data structures used in the WebSphere MQ calls. Listed below are the IBM COPY files that our compiler can use:

cmqbol.cpy cmqbov.cpy cmqcnol.cpy cmqcnov.cpy
cmqdhl.cpy cmqdhv.cpy cmqdlhl.cpy cmqdlhv.cpy
cmqgmol.cpy cmqgmov.cpy cmqiihl.cpy cmqiihv.cpy
cmqmd1l.cpy cmqmd1v.cpy cmqmdel.cpy cmqmdev.cpy
cmqmdl.cpy cmqmdv.cpy cmqodl.cpy cmqodv.cpy
cmqorl.cpy cmqorv.cpy cmqpmol.cpy cmqpmov.cpy
cmqrmhl.cpy cmqrmhv.cpy cmqrrl.cpy cmqrrv.cpy
cmqtmc2l.cpy cmqtmc2v.cpy cmqtml.cpy cmqtmv.cpy
cmqv.cpy cmqxqhl.cpy cmqxqhv.cpy

Depending on the functionality of your application, you may not require all of the COPY files that IBM provides, but if you are not sure which COPY files to use, it is safest to include them all in your program.