Configuring the Runtime and Environment

The configuration variable USE_MQSERIES indicates that the program makes calls to WebSphere MQ. If you plan to load the WebSphere MQ DLL yourself, then there is no need for this variable (however you must use the "BY VALUE" and "BY REFERENCE" phrases when calling an MQ routine).

If you do not plan to load the DLL yourself, set this variable to "1" (on, true, yes). The runtime will automatically load the DLL and pass calls beginning with the string "MQ" to the WebSphere MQ client. If the named routine does not exist, the runtime uses the normal search sequence to find a matching function. The "BY VALUE" and "BY REFERENCE" phrases are not required if you are using the USE_MQSERIES variable.

If you are running on a Windows client machine, you must set the MQSERVER environment variable to the name of the physical server as defined in the Host file, or to a fixed IP address. On Windows NT, XP or 2000 systems, set the variable in the "Environment Variables" dialog, accessed from the Advanced tab of the Control Panel's "System" applet. On Windows 98/ME systems, set the variable in the "autoexec.bat" file. The variable takes effect after the system has been rebooted.

Even though you are setting this definition on a Windows system, you must use only a forward slash. Back slashes are not recognized by WebSphere MQ.