Including the Transaction Gateway Routines in the Runtime

For Windows systems, IBM may supply the Transaction Gateway library as a ".lib" file rather than a DLL. As mentioned earlier, the Transaction Gateway routines must be linked into the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime. The process uses the direct call method described in Working with C and C++ Programs.

To link the Transaction Gateway library into "wrun32.dll", you must:

  1. Include the following lines in the file "direct.c", located in the acugt\lib folder of your ACUCOBOL-GT installation.
    extern short CICS_ExternalCall();
    extern short CICS_EciListSystems();
       { "CICSEXTERNALCALL", FUNC CICS_ExternalCall, C_short },
       { "CICSECILISTSYSTEMS", FUNC CICS_EciListSystems, C_short },
       { NULL, NULL, 0 }
  2. Open Visual Studio .NET and load the solution file "wrun32.sln", located in the acugt\lib folder.
  3. Open the Project/Properties interface, expand the Linker folder, and do the following:
    1. Select Input, then add the name of the Transaction Gateway library, "cclwin32.lib", next to "Additional Dependencies".
    2. Select General and add the path to "cclwin32.lib" on the "Additional Library Directories" line. For example:
      C:\Program Files\IBM\IBM CICS Transaction Gateway\lib
  4. On the main menu bar, select Build/Rebuild Solution. This command recompiles all of the required files, including "direct.c", and links "cclwin32.lib" into "wrun32.dll".