Working with IBM TXSeries CICS

Based on the solid foundation of mainframe CICS, the IBM TXSeries products allow you to build on technologies that offer interoperability with mainframe systems and the flexibility to integrate with modern programming models. TXSeries CICS provides an application environment for running COBOL programs in high-volume, OLTP systems. Because TXSeries supports the CICS API and SPI (Systems Programming Interface), many CICS application programs can run on TXSeries without any changes.

The TXSeries CICS platform includes:

As with mainframe CICS, TXSeries launches a transaction and then initializes the entire operating environment, performing virtually all of the data access and communication services, launching the application programs, and handling calls from one program to another.

For more information on using ACUCOBOL-GT with TXSeries CICS, please contact your Acucorp Sales Professional.

For additional information on TXSeries, refer to the IBM Web site at