Working with UniKix Mainframe Rehosting Software

UniKix Mainframe Rehosting Software, from Clerity Solutions, enables customers to rehost legacy mainframe applications on open systems platforms such as IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Linux, making it feasible to replicate mainframe functionality on open systems without needing to rewrite applications in a new language. Two products, Unikix Transaction Processing Environment (TPE) and UniKix Batch Processing Environment (BPE), together provide an environment for running CICS and batch applications on open systems.

Similar to mainframe CICS, Unikix TPE software launches a transaction and then initializes the entire operating environment, handling all the data access, communication, and calls between programs. UniKix also provides several facilities to share resources and data between UniKix regions and IBM CICS systems. An IBM CICS mainframe system appears as a remote region to UniKix through Intersystem Communication (ISC).

UniKix BPE software provides a complete batch job execution facility. The software is composed of independent processes that manage and schedule batch programs according to configuration parameters, such as start time and job priority. UniKix provides functionality to allow administrators to assign job attributes, change job attributes, and determine the current status of a job.

ACUCOBOL-GT supports CICS mainframe logic running in the UniKix TPE and UniKix BPE environment in a number of ways:

For more information on using ACUCOBOL-GT with UniKix, please contact your Acucorp Sales Professional.