Web Runtime

Another way to give end users access to your applications on the Web is to provide runtime services through the ACUCOBOL-GT Web Runtime.

Using this approach, you set up a Web site and embed a link to your ACUCOBOL-GT application. You embed the Web runtime in the link as well by designating the URL of Acucorp's download center in your HTML coding. Users can then visit your site and click a link to launch the program. If the Web browser detects that users do not yet have a runtime installed on their machine, it automates the install process, with the users' permission, and then launches the COBOL program locally.

The Web runtime is available only on supported Windows machines, but it gives users access to programs or data hosted on other platforms using AcuServer and AcuConnect.

The ACUCOBOL-GT Web Runtime is geared for Microsoft Internet Explorer environments. It relies on ActiveX technology and does not run on any current versions of Netscape.