Loading DLLs with the -y Runtime Option

You can load DLLs by specifying "-y" on the command line at run time. You enter "-y" followed by the DLL name to load. Specifying:

 -y lib1.dll -y lib2.dll -y lib3.dll 

is equivalent to specifying


You can also specify the calling convention in the "-y" argument. For example:

wrun32 ... -y lib1.dll@_stdcall -y lib2.dll@_cdecl

Note that the "-y" runtime option does not load client-side DLLs for thin client applications that make calls using the CALL verb @[DISPLAY]: syntax. These applications must explicitly load the DLL by calling it with the CALL verb before calling a function within the DLL. You can, however, call DLLs on the server using the "-y" option.

See Using the Compiler for more details on the "-y" runtime option.