Using AcuServer with AcuXML or C$XML

To access remote XML files using AcuServer, you use the FILE_PREFIX configuration variable to define the location of the remote files. You simply append or insert the name and path of the remote directory to the variable's definition.

For Internet configurations, you include the domain name of the server that users are accessing over the Internet. (The remote server that contains the XML documents must be running AcuServer.) For example, if the name of the server is "condor," you could define the configuration variables as follows:


Of course, you could define "condor" as an alias for, and simplify the remote name notation in this variable to "@condor:/usr/data". Or if you want to enter the explicit IP address of the server, you may do so as in the following example:


If you are using AcuServer with AcuXML, you must use the filename_HOST variable to designate the data files as XML files, as in the following example:

file1-HOST XML
file2-HOST XML
file3-HOST XML

This lets the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime know to use the AcuXML file interface to translate the XML input for the COBOL application.