Coding for the Web Runtime

Following are several optional library routines and fields included with ACUCOBOL-GT. These library routines and fields are designed specifically for use with the Web runtime.

Field/Routine Description
W$BROWSERINFO routine Returns the version and name of the requesting browser.
W$STATUS routine Displays status information in the host browser's status bar.
IS-PLUGIN field in ACUCOBOL.DEF     Indicates whether or not the application is running in a Web browser via the ACUCOBOL-GT Web Runtime. Defined in ACUCOBOL.DEF.
W$GETURL routine Passes a given URL to the browser. Lets you give end users access to other Web pages and the ability to send e-mail messages, conduct Web searches, and execute JavaScript.

Each of these routines and fields is described briefly below. For precise syntax and usage information, see the ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide or ACUCOBOL-GT Reference Manual.

The Web runtime component (acugtax.ocx) supports the same ACUCOBOL-GT syntax as the standard runtime, with one exception. The following command is not supported:


To pass parameters for the Web runtime, the instantiation of the object must call the methods "AcuParam1" through "AcuParam14" to set parameters for the application. In the COBOL code, you must then use the C$GETVARIANT function to retrieve parameters and C$SETVARIANT to return parameters.