Packaging Your Application and Resources

When planning to package your application and resources, remember that the Web runtime is designed to process a single file. Therefore, if your application contains more than one object file and you do not plan to distribute your application across a client/server network, you must package all your COBOL object files and bitmap resources into a single library file. You can then access this file using the Web runtime.

If you will be using a configuration file, you can package the configuration file into the library file as well, or the configuration file must be on the remote computer. If your application will be accessing a relational database through our Acu4GL technology, you can package the ".xfd" files into the library file.

To create the library file package, you use the cblutil utility, the COPY RESOURCE statement, or a combination of the two.

If you are creating a library containing multiple COBOL objects, we recommend using "cblutil -lib" instead of using COPY RESOURCE. Using cblutil, you do not need to worry about the order in which COBOL objects are compiled (if you use COPY RESOURCE, you must ensure that the copied object is compiled first), and cblutil also checks for duplicated program names while COPY RESOURCE does not.