Starts the Web runtime, using the program specified in AcuProgram, and returns the result of the action.


If you invoke your application directly using SRC as opposed to scripting, you do not need to call AcuExecute. Your application will start automatically.

The AcuExecute method takes no parameters.

Parameter Type    Input    Output
() [ ] [0, -4, -5, >0]

The return value is of data type LONG.

Value    Explanation
0 Success, runtime started.
-4 The runtime is already running.
-5 The runtime DLL could not be found, or the runtime DLL is the wrong version.
>0 COBOL error.

For example:

Return_value = AcuGTAX1.AcuExecute()

Do not execute this method until you have executed AcuProgram to specify the program to run; otherwise, AcuExecute does not know which program to run.