Determines whether the Web thin client should run in an independent window or as a frame within the document.

Parameter Type    Input Output

The AcuEmbedded property accepts a BOOL as a value. When this property is set to TRUE, the default, the window appears embedded in the browser document. Set it to FALSE when you want the window to appear independently, outside the browser.

For example:

AcuThinAX.AcuEmbedded = TRUE
if AcuThinAX.AcuEmbedded

The AcuEmbedded property is available any time after the Web thin client has been invoked. Its contents are read and applied to the Web thin client when AcuExecute is invoked.

Note that if you use the HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes of the <OBJECT> tag and you set AcuEmbedded to FALSE, the Web thin client's logo screen will occupy that area on the HTML page while the application runs in its own window.