Changes Affecting Version 2.3

The following section details changes that can affect programs originally written for the Version 2.3 ACUCOBOL-85 compiler.

Compiler Changes

Beginning with Version 3.0, a new directory structure is created when you load your media. See the READ_ME file for the location of all extendfiles. Note that the new directory structure may not be compatible with scripts you have in use at your site.

Runtime Changes

If you relink the runtime, be aware that the Makefile in the "lib" subdirectory leaves the rebuilt runtime in the "lib" subdirectory. This change allows you to rebuild the runtime system and test it without overwriting the original runtime, and without renaming it. However, be sure to move the rebuilt runtime to the "bin" subdirectory, or move it to a directory in your path.

Check the RELEASE notes to verify the compatibility of older versions of extendinterfaces to alternate file systems such as Btrieve and INFORMIX.