The INTEGER-OF-DATE function converts a date in the Gregorian calendar from standard date form (YYYYMMDD) to integer date form. The type of this function is integer.




argument-1 must be an integer of the form YYYYMMDD, whose value is obtained from the calculation (YYYY * 10,000) + (MM * 100) + DD.
  • YYYY represents the year in the Gregorian calendar. It must be an integer greater than 1600.
  • MM represents a month, and must be a positive integer less than 13.
  • DD represents a day, and must be a positive integer less than 32 provided that it is valid for the specified month and year combination.

Returned Value

The returned value is an integer that is the number of days the date represented by argument-1 succeeds December 31, 1600 in the Gregorian calendar.