MOD Function

The MOD function returns an integer value that is argument-1 modulo argument-2. The type of this function is integer.


FUNCTION MOD (argument-1 argument-2)


argument-1 Must be an integer.
argument-2 Must be an integer. The value of argument-2 must not be zero.

Returned Values

  1. The returned value is argument-1 modulo argument-2. The returned value is defined as:

    argument-1 - (argument-2 * FUNCTION INTEGER (argument-1 / argument-2))

  2. The following illustrates the expected results for some values of argument-1 and argument-2:
    argument-1 argument-2 Return
    11 5 1
    -11 5 4
    11 -5 -4
    -11 -5 -1