S-MAKE-FUNCTION (op-code 3)

This routine creates a new sequential file. It will overwrite any existing file of the same name. However, it will not overwrite a file that is currently in use. If the file is in use, the error E_FILE_LOCKED is returned.

This routine does not automatically terminate its parameters with LOW-VALUES. You must ensure that its parameters are correctly terminated.

The S-MAKE-FUNCTION routine takes two parameters: name and l_parms.

name contains the name of the file. The name need not be null-terminated.
l-parms is a string that describes various logical characteristics of the file. The string consists of three numeric fields separated by commas. The string must be null-terminated. This parameter is optional. If it is not specified, the values are not known to the runtime. The fields are as follows:
  1. Maximum record size. This is the size in bytes of the largest record to be placed in the file. This can range from 1 to 67,108,864.
  2. The file type (accepted values are the same as described in S-OPEN-FUNCTION). This must be a single byte containing a binary value that indicates the type of the file.
  3. Block size. This is the size of a block of records.