This operation presents the user with a dialog box that allows for the direct selection of a font. If the user cancels the dialog box, W$FONT returns a status of WFONTERR-CANCELLED. Otherwise, W$FONT returns a status of "1" and sets WFONT-FACE-DATA to a description of the chosen font. FONT-HANDLE is not used and should be passed as "NULL". To generate a font handle for the user's choice, take the WFONT-FACE-DATA values returned by this operation and pass them to the WFONT-GET-FONT operation.

Values contained in WFONT-CHOOSE-DATA modify the behavior of the dialog box and return additional information. These fields are described below. You should always INITIALIZE the group item WFONT-DATA prior to filling any fields. This ensures that you have the correct default values for unused fields.

Not all systems that support fonts support this function. See the WFONT-SUPPORTED operation above for details.