Limits and Ranges

ACUCOBOL-GT has the following limits:

Maximum Program Size:

(compilation unit)

16 MB code, 2 GB data
Maximum Program Size:

(run unit)

Limited only by machine memory
Maximum Record Size: 64 MB (67,108,864)
Maximum Number of Records Written (Vision files only): 4,294,967,295
Note: The unique record counter and percentage indicator (towards the limit) is display in vutil -info -x.
Number of Indexed Keys: Primary + 119 alternates
Number of Segments per Key: 16
Maximum Indexed Key Size: 250 bytes
Maximum Sort Key Size: 32767 bytes
Maximum Number Sort Keys: 255
Maximum duplicate keys: No limit (Vision)
Maximum File Size: Host system dependent

Logical limit: 128TB, if Vision Version 4, 5 or 6 is used; for all other Vision versions, the logical limit is 2048 MB

Maximum Data Item Size

- Alphanumeric:

- Numeric:

- Edited

2 GB

31 digits (default is 18, but can be set to 31 by using the -Dd31 compiler option. See Data Storage Options of the ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide for details).

255 bytes

Maximum Table Indexes: 15
Maximum Open Files/Process: 32767
Maximum Literal Size: 32767 characters
Maximum Paragraph Size: 32767 bytes
Maximum Picture String: 100 Characters
SPECIAL-NAMES Switches: 26
Maximum number of OCCURS: 2,147,483,647
Maximum recursive CALL depth: 32767
Maximum number of parameters in a CHAIN statement 50
Maximum number in a PERFORM number TIMES statement 2,147,483,647
Maximum number of Linkage Section level-01 data items per program 255
Maximum number of ENTRY points per program 65536
Maximum number of characters in an alphanumeric data item used in a DISPLAY statement 2048