{DEFAULT [IS default]}
{UPDATE              }
  1. The DEFAULT phrase allows for a default value to be displayed in an input field ready for editing by the user. It is displayed in a form that can be accepted with the CONVERT phrase. For numeric receiving fields, this will cause leading spaces to be removed. If a default value is specified, then it is the value displayed. Otherwise the current value of the receiving field is used. The UPDATE phrase is equivalent to the DEFAULT phrase with no default value specified.
  2. If the PROMPT phrase is also specified, then the prompt character replaces any trailing spaces in the field.
  3. The DEFAULT phrase is automatically implied for any update field specified in the Screen Section. The DEFAULT phrase implies the CONVERT phrase in a Format 1 ACCEPT statement.
    Note: The -Vu compiler option allows you to imply the UPDATE phrase for all Format 1 ACCEPT statements that do not have an explicit UPDATE or DEFAULT phrase specified for them.