LINES Phrase

LINES {IS} height 
      {= }
  1. The LINES phrase is used to set a window or control's height. Note that each control type defines exactly how this value is interpreted.

    Typically, the height field represents the logical height of the control. Frequently, this is based on the size of the control's title or value. For example, a LABEL control's height of 1 would specify a one-line label. If this phrase is omitted, the control type employs its own method of determining a default size.

  2. The CELLS option of the LINES phrase causes the HEIGHT-IN-CELLS control style to be used. This means that the height of the control is specified exactly using the cell size of the owning window. For example:
    LINES = 15 CELLS

    causes the control to have a height of 15 cells, where the exact height of a cell is inherited from the parent window.

  3. You may employ the PIXELS option with the LINES phrase to specify the control's size more precisely using the pixel size of the owning window. For example: