Support for DOS/VS COBOL

The command-line option -Cv (either on the command line or in the CBLFLAGS environment string) gives the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler compatibility with IBM DOS/VS COBOL. In this mode, it accepts features of IBM DOS/VS COBOL that are not otherwise accepted by ACUCOBOL-GT.

Since there are slight differences between IBM COBOL versions, -Cv also takes the following optional arguments:

-Cv=OSVS specifies OSVS compatibility.

-Cv=VSC2 specifies VSC2 compatibility.

-Cv by itself defaults to OSVS mode. The two modes are very similar, except that in VSC2 compatibility mode, the following words are not reserved:

CURRENT-DATE is a valid function in any compatibility mode.

This chapter provides information about the IBM DOS/VS COBOL features that the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler supports. Complete IBM DOS/VS COBOL compatibility is, unfortunately, not feasible. However, this chapter contains a list of IBM DOS/VS-specific features, what they do, and whether they are supported by ACUCOBOL-GT through the -Cv command line option, .

IBM DOS/VS COBOL compatibility is available only with Version 5.0 or later. Therefore, the compiler aborts with its usage message if both -Cv and a backward object compatibility option, for example -Z32, are specified.