Using ACUCOBOL-GT with HP e3000 Emulators

Several companies offer software that to varying degrees emulates the MPE/iX operating system on non-HP e3000 hardware. In some situations, these emulators provide a viable rehosting path for moving HP COBOL applications to a new platform with minimum changes to the source code. Because they provide varying degrees of support for the full capabilities of MPE/iX, each emulator should be carefully evaluated for its ability to meet the needs of your applications. In most cases, ACUCOBOL-GT can be easily configured to run within these emulators.

The information in this section is designed to help you configure ACUCOBOL-GT for HP COBOL compatibility. Typically, the configuration steps are modest, requiring only that you enable the MPE file system and assign values to a small number of environment and runtime variables.

This section assumes that you are familiar with your emulator software and that you have successfully compiled your HP COBOL program with the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler on the new host.