System Intrinsics

On HP e3000 emulators, ACUCOBOL-GT supports calls to most system intrinsic functions. Most notably, this includes support for the TurboIMAGE/XL database and VPLUS interface. Nothing in ACUCOBOL-GT's CALL interface specifically limits support for system intrinsics. However, not all intrinsic functions are tested. In particular, the more obscure functions and variants of calls that take unusual or undocumented parameter types have not been tested.

On HP e3000 emulators that support TurboIMAGE/XL, VPLUS, or other intrinsics, if the emulator or environment does not provide transparent support, you can access the intrinsics from ACUCOBOL-GT using the direct method of interfacing to C subroutines. For more information, see Calling C Programs via the Direct Method.

After editing direct.c, you must relink the run time. Create a new run time using the method described in Relinking the Runtime System.