Source Formats

ACUCOBOL-GT supports two different source formats:

ANSI format has the following characteristics:

Terminal format is convenient for developing programs interactively. This format has the following characteristics:

ACUCOBOL-GT Terminal format is compatible with the VAX COBOL terminal source format, except for the introduction of the identification area, which VAX COBOL does not support. ACUCOBOL-GT Terminal mode is also compatible with ICOBOL terminal source format except that area A must start in column 1 (in ICOBOL area A may start in column 2).

Both formats expand tab characters to every eight spaces. Both formats also translate lower-case characters to upper-case except in literals. Finally, both formats translate the underscore character to a hyphen when it is found in identifiers.

Normally, the Compiler determines the source format automatically by examining the first character of the first non-blank line. If this character is blank or a digit, the file is assumed to be an ANSI file; otherwise it is assumed to be in terminal format. This is done independently for the main source file and all COPY libraries. This allows mixing of formats among a source file and its COPY libraries. If desired, the format to use for the entire input source can be set to either mode via the -Sa or -St compile flags.