Preprocessor Written in ACUCOBOL-GT

Preprocessors written in ACUCOBOL-GT use extension .ACU by default and are not directly executable. In this case, options of a slightly different form are required:

-Pg "runtime preproc-2.ACU [options]"

runtime is the name of the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime executable file. By default, under Windows it is wrun32, and under UNIX it is runcbl. A path is usually not required because this file is normally installed in the same directory as the compiler's executable file.

preproc-2.ACU is the name and extension of the preprocessor, i.e., your ACUCOBOL-GT object file. The extension .ACU is required; it will not be added automatically. The runtime will look for this file in the current directory. If the file is elsewhere, it is necessary to include a complete path specification.

Rules regarding the use of options with this type of preprocessor are the same as for other preprocessors.