This configuration variable is used to define and print to printer channels C01-C12. Specify the line numbers for each channel with the COBLPFORM configuration variable. Null entries are ignored. Those channels that have line number zero, function-names S01-S052, CSP, or are undefined, are set to line 1.

Example 1:

COBLPFORM 1:3:5:7:9:11:13:15:17:19:21:23

In this example C01 equals 1, C02 equals 3, and so on.

Example 2:

COBLPFORM :3::5: :9

In this example, C01 equals 3, C02 equals 5, C03 equals 1, and C04 equals 9. You can specify only a single line number for each channel.

In example 2 above, channels C05 - C12 are undefined. If a print statement specifies channel C05 - C12, the line is printed at line 1. In addition, in the example shown, C03 equals 1 because its value is a space and therefore undefined.

Any WRITE BEFORE/AFTER PAGE statements cause positioning to be at line 1. Each line advance increases the line number by one. A request to skip to a line number less than or equal to the current line causes a new page to begin. The appropriate number of line feeds are then generated.