On most GUI systems, including Microsoft Windows, entry fields are boxed by default. This can cause problems when you are converting applications that have fairly full screen displays, because the box adds roughly 50% to the height of the field. This can make it difficult to fit all the existing fields onto the user's screen.

FIELDS_UNBOXED provides a global method of removing boxes on entry fields. If this field is set to 1 (on, true, yes), the system does not display a box around entry fields. Technically this has three effects:

  1. If it is set when the entry field is initially created, the NO-BOX property is automatically implied.
  2. If it is set when a floating window is initially created, the window's LABEL-OFFSET property is given a default value of 0.
  3. When an entry field is measured by the CELL phrase of the DISPLAY FLOATING WINDOW statement, its height is measured without the box.

On character-based systems, setting this variable to 1 (on, true, yes) eliminates the display of the left and right delimiting symbols used in the textual emulation of entry fields. (See GUI_CHARS for more information about these delimiting symbols). Eliminating these symbols affects the location at which the entry fields are displayed on character-based systems.

The default value for this option is 0 (off, false, no).

This variable can be overridden for individual entry fields in the program with the BOXED style in the entry field definition.