This variable has meaning only on graphical systems such as Windows. Use this variable to designate a program's minimized icon. (By default, it uses the non-debugger icon provided with ACUCOBOL-GT.) Set ICON to the name of the file that contains the icon. This file should be an .ICO file that contains a 16-color icon. (Although the file may contain icons in other formats, the runtime accesses only the 16-color icon.) The icon should be created using an icon editor like the one in the Windows Software Development Kit.

For example, if your custom icon were contained in the file PAYROLL.ICO in the directory \ACCT\ICONS, you would add the following line to your COBOL configuration file:


The maximum icon size that can be used with the ICON variable is 32 x 32 bits. The runtime uses the first icon it finds in the icon file that fits its maximum. If that icon is larger than the maximum, a memory access violation may occur.

Note: The ICON configuration variable determines the icon used only when your application is minimized. It does not determine the icon displayed by the Program Manager.