This variable is used when importing graphical screens into the AcuBench Screen Designer using the screen import utility. IMPORT_USES_CELL_SIZE allows you to choose whether fields are measured using the actual cell size of the imported screen or measured in 10-pixel by 10-pixel cells. The runtime checks this variable only if you are importing screens. When IMPORT_USES_CELL_SIZE is set to the default value of 1 (on, true, yes), the screen import utility captures the actual cell size used to create windows. If this variable is set to "0" (off, false, no), the screen import utility outputs information based on 10-pixel by 10-pixel cells. Note that there is no need to set this variable when importing character screens, which should always import with a cell size of 10-pixel by 10-pixel cells. See the AcuBench documentation for more information on importing screens.