This variable supports the transfer of double-byte character variables and string literals and has meaning only on 32-bit Windows systems that support double-byte characters (e.g., Asian Windows machines). It should not be set in other environments and is needed only if you are passing data to a COBOL program from another language, such as Visual Basic, and are using C$GETVARIANT or C$SETVARIANT. By using the LC_ALL configuration variable, you cause the runtime to set the locale to a particular value. You do not need to set this variable on Japanese machines. The runtime automatically detects Japanese versions of Windows and automatically sets the locale, LC_ALL, to Japanese_Japan.932.

The default value for this variable is C. The C locale assumes that all characters are 1 byte and that their value is always less than 256. The value of LC_ALL is in the format:




where language is one of the supported language strings, country is one of the supported country or region strings, and code_page is the Windows code page setting for the language and country. country and code_page are optional. For example, the following are all equivalent:

LC_ALL Japanese
LC_ALL Japanese_Japan
LC_ALL Japanese_Japan.932
LC_ALL .932

For Korean double-byte character support under Windows use:

LC_ALL Korean

For Chinese use:

LC_ALL Chinese


LC_ALL Chinese-simplified


LC_ALL Chinese-traditional

The following are the supported language strings:

Chinese Chinese "chinese"
Chinese Chinese (simplified) "chinese-simplified" or "chs"
Chinese Chinese (traditional) "chinese-traditional" or "cht"
Czech Czech "csy" or "czech"
Danish Danish "dan" or "danish"
Dutch Dutch (Belgian) "belgian", "dutch-belgian", or "nlb"
Dutch Dutch (default) "dutch" or "nld"
English English (Australian) "australian", "ena", or "english-aus"
English English (Canadian) "canadian", "enc", or "english-can"
English English (default) "english"
English English (placecountry-regionNew Zealand) "english-nz" or "enz"
English English (placecountry-regionUK) "eng", "english-uk", or "placecountry-regionuk"
English English (placecountry-regionUSA) "american", "american english", "american-english", "english-american", "english-us", "english-usa", "enu", "us", or "placecountry-regionusa"
Finnish Finnish "fin" or "finnish"
French French (Belgian) "frb" or "french-belgian"
French French (Canadian) "frc" or "french-canadian"
French French (default) "fra" or "french"
French French (Swiss) "french-swiss" or "frs"
German German (Austrian) "dea" or "german-austrian"
German German (default) "deu" or "german"
German German (Swiss) "des", "german-swiss", or "swiss"
Greek Greek "ell" or "greek"
Hungarian Hungarian "hun" or "hungarian"
Icelandic Icelandic "icelandic" or "isl"
Italian Italian (default) "ita" or "italian"
Italian Italian (Swiss) "italian-swiss" or "its"
Japanese Japanese "japanese" or "jpn"
Korean Korean "kor" or "korean"
Norwegian Norwegian (Bokmal) "nor" or "norwegian-bokmal"
Norwegian Norwegian (default) "norwegian"
Norwegian Norwegian (Nynorsk) "non" or "norwegian-nynorsk"
Polish Polish "plk" or "polish"
Portuguese Portuguese (Brazilian) "portuguese-brazilian" or "ptb"
Portuguese Portuguese (default) "portuguese" or "ptg"
Russian Russian (default) "rus" or "russian"
Slovak Slovak "sky" or "slovak"
Spanish Spanish (default) "esp" or "spanish"
Spanish Spanish (Mexican) "esm" or "spanish-mexican"
Spanish Spanish (Modern) "esn" or "spanish-modern"
Swedish Swedish "sve" or "swedish"
Turkish Turkish "trk" or "turkish"

The following are the supported country/region strings:

placecountry-regionAustralia "aus" or "placecountry-regionaustralia"
placecountry-regionAustria "placecountry-regionaustria" or "aut"
placecountry-regionBelgium "bel" or "placecountry-regionbelgium"
placecountry-regionBrazil "bra" or "placecountry-regionbrazil"
placecountry-regionCanada "can" or "placecountry-regioncanada"
placePlaceNameCzech PlaceTypeRepublic "cze" or "czech"
placecountry-regionDenmark "placecountry-regiondenmark" or "dnk"
placecountry-regionFinland "fin" or "placecountry-regionfinland"
placecountry-regionFrance "fra" or "france"
placecountry-regionGermany "deu" or "placecountry-regiongermany"
placecountry-regionGreece "grc" or "placecountry-regiongreece"
placeHong Kong "hkg", "hong kong", or "hong-kong"
placecountry-regionHungary "hun" or "placecountry-regionhungary"
placecountry-regionIceland "placecountry-regioniceland" or "isl"
placecountry-regionIreland "placecountry-regionireland" or "irl"
placecountry-regionItaly "ita" or "placecountry-regionitaly"
placecountry-regionJapan "japan" or "jpn"
placecountry-regionMexico "mex" or "placecountry-regionmexico"
placecountry-regionNetherlands "nld", "holland", or "placecountry-regionnetherlands"
placecountry-regionNew Zealand "placecountry-regionnew zealand", "new-zealand", "nz", or "nzl"
placecountry-regionNorway "nor" or "placecountry-regionnorway"
PlaceNamePeoples PlaceTypeRepublic of placecountry-regionChina "china", "chn", "pr china", or "pr-china"
placecountry-regionPoland "pol" or "placecountry-regionpoland"
placecountry-regionPortugal "prt" or "placecountry-regionportugal"
placecountry-regionRussia "rus" or "placecountry-regionrussia"
placecountry-regionSingapore "sgp" or "placecountry-regionsingapore"
placePlaceNameSlovak PlaceTypeRepublic "svk" or "slovak"
placecountry-regionSouth Korea "kor", "country-regionkorea", "placecountry-regionsouth korea", or "south-korea"
placecountry-regionSpain "esp" or "placecountry-regionspain"
placecountry-regionSweden "swe" or "placecountry-regionsweden"
placecountry-regionSwitzerland "che" or "placecountry-regionswitzerland"
placecountry-regionTaiwan "placecountry-regiontaiwan" or "twn"
placecountry-regionTurkey "tur" or "turkey"
placecountry-regionUnited Kingdom "britain", "england", "gbr", "great britain","uk", "united kingdom", or "united-kingdom"
placecountry-regionUnited States of America "country-regionamerica", "country-regionunited states", "united-states", "us", or "placecountry-regionusa"