This variable allows you to customize the format of error and trace messages. You can set it to the sum of one or more of the following values:

0 The default. No ACU prefix, process ID, time, or date is included in the trace output.
1 Adds ACU prefix to each line of the trace output.
2 Adds the process ID.
4 Adds the time.
8 Adds the microseconds; has an effect only if 4 is also specified.
16 Adds the date.

You can also set TRACE_STYLE to one of the following keywords, which correspond to the indicated numerical values:

TIMESTAMP 12 -- The TIMESTAMP style is 4+8; it outputs timestamps with microseconds.
APPSERVER 23 -- The APPSERVER style is 1+2+4+16; at the beginning of each line of the error file it outputs "ACU" followed by the date, the process ID, and the time without microseconds.