This variable allows you to tell Vision whether to include full path information in the filename. By default, only the base name is included (the filename with no extension and no path information). Retaining the path information can be helpful in instances where Vision files of the same name are stored in different locations and you want to map one of the segments from one directory to a new location.

When V_BASENAME_TRANSLATION is set to 0 (off, false, no), Vision uses the entire path of the file. When it is set to 1 (on, true, yes), the default setting, Vision uses only the base name.

The setting of V_BASENAME_TRANSLATION affects the behavior of three configuration variables that handle Vision filename translation: filename, filename_DATA_FMT, and filename_INDEX_FMT. The following illustrates how the configuration variables interact.

For the file /user/data/record1.vix:

For a description of filename, filename_INDEX_FMT, and filename_DATA_FMT, see their respective entries in this appendix.