This configuration variable allows you to control whether the runtime enforces internal record or file locking. When V_INTERNAL_LOCKS is set to 0 (off, false, no), Vision tracks locks but does not enforce internal record or file locking. As a result, the runtime does not return a record or file locked condition for a record or file that was previously locked by the same run unit. When V_INTERNAL_LOCKS is set to the default of 1 (on, true, yes), internal record and file locking are enforced.

Note: The Windows operating system enforces a single lock per process on a region of a file. This means that if your program opens the same physical file as two different logical files and then tries to lock the same record in both "files", the second lock will fail (with an error 99) even if V_INTERNAL_LOCKS is set to 0. So V_INTERNAL_LOCKS 0 practically affects programs running on UNIX operating systems only.